Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beauty Blender, I love you.

If you have never used a Beauty Blender, you are really missing out on a quite a gem of a product.

Beauty Blenders are not new, but if you have never used the little, pink, egg-shaped sponges, you should give it a try.  The Beauty Blender can be used with any liquid or cream product (i.e.: concealer, foundation, highlighter, etc) and produce an amazing, airbrushed look.  Somehow the sponge applies the perfect amount of makeup and absorbs excess product at the same time.  I like to dampen the sponge with water, then squeeze out the excess moisture before dipping it into makeup.  Use the broader end to apply makeup to larger areas of the face, and the skinnier side to apply to smaller areas- it works like a dream for nooks and crannies like the under eye area and around the nostrils!  Lately I have been using these little babies for foundation, concealer and highlighter application on my clients, and I am in love.

You can buy Beauty Blender from Sephora ($20 for 1, $30 for 2), which seems a little steep for a sponge, but they are reusable if you remember to be good about cleansing them (as often as any other makeup brush!).  It is $20 well spent in my opinion.

My Beauty Blender multi-pack (including their cleanser) for my makeup kit, along with a few other goodies from Naimies.

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