Sunday, March 2, 2014

Product Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow

If you have read my previous blog posts, you probably are aware of my eyebrow obsession.  I am constantly on the lookout for products that make my routine easier, but also produce a nice, groomed look.  If you are in the market for a new brow product (or just want to try something new!), I have a winner for you!
Anastasia Beverly Hills line specializes in brow grooming products (think brow pencils, liners, gels, stencils, etc), but their newest one is pretty amazing.  DipBrow is a brow pomade that comes in a pot, which you apply with an angled brush.  It comes in a variety of shades, is waterproof, and can be used alone or with other products.  DipBrow provides light control and shading, which is great if your  brows are a bit sparse or light.  It has a nice, powdery finish that does not appear heavy or fake.
I used the DipBrow pomade (in Blonde) this morning for the first time, and I am very impressed with its wear and longevity.  I did not use any other brow products, aside from my angled and spoolie brushes, and my brows are lookin' good! At $18 it is not exactly inexpensive, but it works well and has the potential to cut out other products that you may use in your brow arsenal.  Worth it!

A little DipBrow pot, so you can a feel for the size.

Brow drawn on my hand using the DipBrow in Blonde and an angled brush.

Me wearing Dipbrow!

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